Educate your patients and help increase your Practice profits

August 24, 2011

Educate your patients and help increase your Practice profits

As with any Practice web site, advice it is important to ensure that the content is not only captivating but useful to your patients.

Love Opticians have integrated a series of brilliant 3D eyecare animations produced by Eyeconic, about it on a number of our professional web sites for opticians.

The beauty of the animations is that they help Practice owners reassure and educate their patients about specific eye conditions, treatment not to mention for example how patients should correctly insert various contact lenses.

We recognise the importance of how time precious running an optical practice can be, so here is a concise summary of the benefits:

  • Captivate your target market with breathtaking medical eyecare animations
  • Help increase sales opportunities and the value of your Practice
  • Help reduce wasted hours and direct troublesome patients to your new web site animations

If I had a penny for amount of times I have heard Practice owners rant about the amount of time spent on explaining how to insert contact lens correctly, I would have about 50p.

Joking aside, these animations are about patient education with a view to saving time and making money for your Practice.

For further information please contact our recommended partner for 3D eyecare animations, David Carr of Eyeconic Limited.

Asking for help to market your business need not break the bank or your heart!

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