One small step for opticians…

April 30, 2011
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One small step for opticians…

For many practice owners the thought of embarking on a new web site project brings uncertainty. Does the service provider understand my business? How reliable is the development team? What happens if something goes wrong? Will I see a return on my investment?

Fear not… we are a very experienced and respected design and marketing team with over 15 years experience in on-line media. We are a friendly and professional team who are more than happy to talk through your aspirations and will support you every step of the way. If your ideas are a little crazy then to be honest we will let you know.

Our mission is to help your business grow and respresent your business in its best light. Whether your business has more of a medical eyecare focus or is more of a boutique that offers the latest designer frames we can help!

If we can help you then hopefully you will return the favor and pass on the good word to your fellow friends and professionals!

Believe it or not, some very well established and respected practice owners in the UK still do not have a web site to be proud of, or in some cases even a formal sounding email address for their day to day business. No need to be worried about this either, as you are not alone! We can fix this easily for you.

As well as owning a good web site that serves as a 24/7 ambassador for your practice, it is vital in this day and age that owner / managers embrace social media, including the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linked-in!

Opticians need to connect regularly with their customers and suppliers across multiple channels to increase and maintain their chances of success. If you are too busy, we can help you with this too!

Whilst there are traditional in-store promotions and offers, owners often rely on passing customers coming to the store!  It’s time to get real… don’t get left behind.  If there is one thing that is certain… if you are not investing your time wisely with your web site, social media and email marketing, your competitors will be!

Asking for help to market your business need not break the bank or your heart!

Talk to us as we can save you time and money. Call +44(0)1256 698088 or email us here

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